Be Mine

Happy Valentine’s Day…y’all. (thought I would throw that in for good measure – since I’m in the south and all)

I remember when I was younger, getting the most valentines from friends in elementary school was always the most important (everything is a competition at that age). I would get ones with Nerds candy, chocolate, and those chalky hearts with sayings on them. I loved them all. Mainly because it was free candy, but I enjoyed seeing what cards the class would pick out. As I got older I started appreciating home-made cards, and trying to take it easy on the sweets (a tall task for me). The more creative, the better.

I came across these DIY projects from Creature Comforts and I think they are absolutely perfect. Although I know I’m not going to sport sequins on this holiday (or any holiday rather), I much prefer this creative flower wrap. Both are adorable and totally appropriate for this holiday of love.

If you’re not the flower giving, sequins using type, these homemade cards from impressed, inc. put my marker made ones to shame. There is something about a fresh, cute card that catches my eye. I love cards. I’m not sure why I am drawn to them, but there is something about them that really makes me happy.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with things that make you happy.


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