Sweet Intuition

I used to be obsessed with Lip Gloss. I had a small, ok medium-sized plastic container full of them. Once I realized hoarding them and not using them was counter-intuitive of actually buying them, I finally dwindled down my obsession to only just a few and vowed not to let it happen again.

With that said, I caved and recently purchased a new gloss. It’s the prima ballerina of glosses I have ever bought. Smashbox O-Gloss has got it goin’ on. This intuitive gloss reacts with your skin chemistry to make your very own custom shade of pink. Goes on clear and voilà! As if you think it really can’t get any better, its texture is absolutely perfect. Being a lip gloss connoisseur, texture is everything to me and this one is smooth, not sticky and hydrating. Everything you could really want right? Well, its price point is somewhat high if you’re the average joe like me. It will run you $22 for the .34 oz tube. Although not in my favorite price range of “free,” it was fully worth the small splurge.

I applaud you Smashbox.


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