It’s Here!

I received my beloved purchase in the mail today. I was beyond elated to see it sitting in my kitchen when I got home.

I was ever so careful to enjoy opening it as I broke the packing tape with a knife. I opened the box to find it wrapped delicately (which i highly appreciated) in its dust bag surrounded by rolled up paper. It also came with a sweet gift – pun intended. A light pink box, with heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies inside – a gift for ordering in the month of February. That’s another one of my favorite things – free food.

Anywho, I pulled it out of its dust bag and I felt like a harp was playing in the background as I relished in my purchase. (imagine me twirling , holding it in the air – but not really)

Upon first glance, it was darker than expected. The photo looked light gray, but it’s really charcoal (the color name was charcoal, so I should have expected it) But still very nice. A friend of mine has a sample she bought at a sample sale in NY and her strap seems longer than mine, but again, still acceptable. The inside is a durable, cotton in royal blue. I love the compliment of the interior color to the charcoal gray exterior. All of the hardware solid brass, which I will need when I fling it into my front seat everyday. I can’t wait to break it in as it is stiff and new, then it will be just perfect.

I feel great about my purchase. Its beautiful, good quality, and the perfect size. Here it is resting on my desk at work. 🙂


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