Country Boy with a City Heart – Husband Request

Since I started my blog, my husband tends to find things and mention I should blog about it. So, since I usually love what he picks out I’m going to give him Husband Request posts.

He recently found these hats (he has a small obsession/collection) that we love. Although he is originally from the panhandle of Florida (yes, country accent and all), I think he has a secret love for my home sweet home.

Dissizit! presents its new line of “California Love” 59fifty. They only come in “black, royal blue or purple. These fitteds “feature a silhouette of the state of California in raised embroidery on the crown, the usual New Era flag hit on the left temple and “CALIFORNIA LOVE” embroidered straight across the back.” My favorite part is the heart marking the location of Los Angeles – home of Dissizit!.

He originally found them here but haven’t had any luck finding them online to buy (yet) but with some persistence (and friends help in CA) we will find them. Good pick boo.


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One response to “Country Boy with a City Heart – Husband Request

  1. I think anyone who says they don’t like Cali are just bitter that they don’t live here!

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