On one of my many days of online window shopping, I came across POLYVORE – a website founded by 3 ex-Yahoo engineers, that allows you to create collages of fashion, art, or interior design. You can explore others creations, shop, or just discover style. It seems I can roam around the site for hours, so I decided to put my time on the site to use. I logged in and created some of my own collages.

I am a first timer and there are so many options. It’s like a never-ending rack of clothes to choose from. Here are some I created for Spring. I am a pretty plain gal, and having options for jewelery, hats, sun glasses, swimsuits, dresses, etc. and it can get a bit over-whelming. I am also fairly eclectic with what I like, (which makes it hard for decision-making) but I tried to pick what I usually would gravitate to.

I love that you can create all type of looks, not just what interests you. They have a virtual styling tool that’s easy to use – just drag and drop! When complete you can publish, edit and share them. It’s like a virtual portfolio. I like to use it as style inspiration.



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2 responses to “POLYVORE

  1. So cool! My inspiration boards just got a whole lot cooler!

  2. MOM

    You are so artistic !! (:

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