Spring Cleaning

We have been so busy lately that I can’t even begin to think of getting back on our normal schedule. Our recent move to the new place has consumed our lives for the past 8 days  and will continue to consume it for several more to come.  We downsized and are coming to grips that we don’t need to hang on to everything we have ever owned. Sometimes it’s hard to part with things that were once important. To nudge myself into making a decision of “trash or keep” I ask myself “When is the last time I used this, or even thought about it?”. Usually it’s trash, but sometimes it’s a keep, just because.

Here are a few things I decided to keep, “just because”.

1. photos from magazines of hair highlights I like

2. stickers I have had since I was in middle school

3. left over vases from my wedding

4. a toy I brought home from our visit to Maui when I was little

5. cards from my grandmothers, mom, and dad  from over the years

Every time we move, I see these things and they make me smile. I think that makes it worth keeping, don’t you think?


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One response to “Spring Cleaning

  1. Crystal Sottile

    I definately agree with the things to keep that make you smile! I to have moved around quite a bit before I bought my house. Even though I wasnt using certain things everyday or thinking about them they would make me smile while packing to move! It really is I think worth keeping a few keepsakes that keep you smiling and sane for that matter! 🙂

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