Jalapeño-Cheddar Biscuits bis

This weekend I made it my job to try out something new instead of my comforting go-to’s.  Insert: Jalapeño-Cheddar Biscuits. I like cheese and I like jalapeño, so I put them together using this recipe. (I omitted the heavy whipping cream to make them “biscuits”)

This is my first time making biscuits from scratch and I think I did a good job. They turned out great, however I think I want to add more cheese next time. Cheese makes everything better right?

The dough came out pretty sticky, so I needed to add more flour. It was surprisingly hard to work with since this recipe is similar but not as sticky.  Either way, it was nothing a little flour couldn’t handle. I was also skeptical about the egg wash since I haven’t had a good experience with it, but it turned out fine this time – possibly because I have a full size oven and not a convection oven? Either way, they are delicious, not spicy, and a good treat. I mentioned to my husband that this spread would be great on them. Again, cheese makes everything better. *I apologize for the not-so-photographic photos. Still learning. Tips welcome.


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