RACE: Are We So Different?

Yesterday we went to Discovery Place Museum because Teach for America gave the husband free tickets to see an exhibit about RACE. My first response was: “I don’t like “NASCAR” – but it wasn’t for that. whew!

This exhibit – RACE: Are We So Different? – was so interesting. It touched on every tangible and non-tangible part of RACE. The exhibit “explores the science, history and everyday impact of race and racism. It presents a powerful combination of artifacts, historic and contemporary photography, multimedia and interactive activities to give guests of all ages the opportunity to think and talk about one of the most important, and polarizing, topics of our time.” Doesn’t that give you chills?!

I snapped this photo with my iPhone. I love this artists comment about skin color.

John Mackay, President and CEO of Discovery Place says, “RACE shows us that genetically, human race is simply a continuum, with no distinct ways to segregate people into racial groups, yet throughout history, humans have continued to divide ourselves in this way, often with severe, long-lasting repercussions.”

The exhibit is a “project of American Anthropological Association in collaboration with the Science Museum of Minnesota.” The exhibit is now on a national tour which you can see here.

It didn’t fall short of information and, as promised, gave you the opportunity to think about the most important topics of our time.


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  1. Joslyn O.

    Thanks for your post on the RACE exhibit. Glad you enjoyed it! I’ve linked your commentary to the American Anthropological Association’s RACE In The News page: http://www.aaanet.org/resources/RACE-in-the-News.cfm
    -Joslyn (American Anthropological Association)

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