Granny Simpson’s Pound Cake

I was feeling better on Saturday so I attempted to make an old family recipe. My husband’s great grandmothers pound cake to be exact.  It involved a lot of separately mixing and adding ingredients at different times, but it’s well worth it when you get the end result.

This pound cake is not your normal pound cake. It involved Crisco and Sour Cream. Now, I know what your thinking, but just wait until you see the results (I promise I will get better with the camera, I realize some photos are blurry). It’s fragrant of Almond and Vanilla – if Angel food cake and pound cake had a baby, this is what it would be. It’s absolutely perfect.

When I first cracked and separated all the eggs, I threw away all the egg whites because I forgot that I will need them last. WHOOPS!  So, I had to crack six more to get more egg whites. Needless to say, good thing I bought two cartons of eggs yesterday. Anywho, I had to add the egg yolks one at a time, then had to sift the flour. I imagined that I was running against some imaginary clock but I wasn’t, so next time maybe I can relax since the adding the ingredients isn’t time sensitive. And possibly not make as big of a mess – I used every mixing bowl we own.

The final result is delicious. We paired it with strawberries but I think I might try some tonight with raspberries.  This photo doesn’t do it justice but gives you a good idea. The signature red food coloring swirl is specific to the recipe so of course I had to add it.  Although I am not going to give away the exact recipe, this one is similar. Nothin’ like a good ol’ fashion recipe!


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