Finding The Balance

This weekend I had some “me” time and decided to watch Eat Pray Love. I was really blown away by how much I liked it. With mixed reviews I wasn’t so sure coming into it, but I feel – this is going to sounds so silly – it really spoke to me.

Finding the “balance” in life can be hard. Too much one way or the other can throw you off completely.  The diagram from the movie of a cross roads (picture a plus sign) and total balance being in the center seems SO unattainable.  I think sometimes, trying to be balanced is just the problem. The hardest for me anyway is to just be, in the moment, and stop trying. I’m still learning.

Here are 5 things I am currently working on:

1. Finding peace when I feel overwhelmed

2. Asking for help

3. Not try to understand everything

4. Be present in every moment

5. Listening to my inner wisdom




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3 responses to “Finding The Balance

  1. It’s funny because when I first read the book, it was like this divine wisdom. I was at the perfect moment in my life to hear everything she had written! If you loved the movie, you should DEF read the book. It’s even better, although the movie stayed pretty true to the book in my opinion.

  2. I love this! Balance is stagnant, picture the justice balance with both sides even and unmoving. Life is fluid, and so searching for balance is unobtainable. I like to think of it as harmony (I heard this somewhere, can’t remember where). It’s like how do all the areas of my life “sound” together? Sometimes we need more drums, or other times it is a quiet string solo, but regardless there is a flow and all parts have their place.
    Melissa if you liked the movie, you have to read the book!

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