“Blue” Raspberry Cupcakes

I decided this weekend I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone, something a little more ambitious than normal. Insert: Raspberry Cupcakes.

Although they were fairly easy to make, there were a lot of concerns I had the recipe didn’t address. What if they don’t taste like raspberry, can I add more without compromising the batter consistency? Can I add more sugar in place of more raspberries for a sweeter taste? Can I use extract along with the fruit?

All in all, it’s a learning experience. This is my first time making cupcakes from scratch aside from making them with le petit captain.

The batter came our this interesting blue color. This is when I became a little worried. But I pushed on and baked them hoping they would taste sweet and fruity. 

I used this recipe for the cupcakes and this recipe for the buttercream icing and added a little red food coloring for a nice pink finish.

I’m not much of a decorator of foods, but I attempted something a little more creative other than using a knife. I used a ziplock bag with the corner snipped off. They came out pretty abstract – AKA: messy swirls. (eh, whatever!)

Even though I wasn’t completely happy with the result of the cakes (the icing came out great) we will probably eat them anyway.  I’m thinking next time more puree of raspberries and possibly more sugar? We will see.


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