Yogaless to Yogaful

I have recently taken up yoga. At first it was to help me clear my mind as I was struggling with overactive thoughts. It’s now become a staple in my workout routine and doubles as a mind clearing activity.

When I was in college, Yoga seemed so boring. It was slow, the breathing was annoying and I couldn’t stand all of the awkward instructors with their calming chants. I’m not sure if the techniques have improved or if I have just come around but I am loving it either way.

I currently go once a week and I am thinking of stepping it up to twice a week. It’s getting my body in shape in ways I could never do lifting weights or running. It’s toning spots I thought were hopeless. I have even got the husband convinced it’s worth a try.

I advise doing Power Yoga if you’re looking for a hard workout as it is super intense and not slow and boring (I am still learning to appreciate the slow part of Yoga as all instructors are different). My favorite instructor loves to make it really difficult which I appreciate. He gives great modifications and makes you feel really at ease if you’re not good at something. His favorite saying is “if you fall, just laugh and get right back up.”

When I practice Yoga I feel better in all sorts of ways. I came across this and it reaffirmed my belief. Get out there and give it a try! I promise you will enjoy it.


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