Dinner for Two

Saturday night we decided to cook ourself some ribs (repeat in southern accent). Well, I take that back – husband cooked the ribs. I made the sides and pitched in for moral support.

It was nice to sit home with him and enjoy each others company. Even though we stay home often and cook most nights, I think it was just nice to cook and enjoy time together. Something I think we forget in our busy schedules during the week.

I benefit that he’s a good cook. He benefits that I have random good ideas. Like the grilled bananas we decided to make since the grill was still hot enough.

We first had grilled bananas at April and Parrish’s Engagement Party. They are so unexpectedly delicious not to mention they were so easy to make. Theirs were much better but ours still turned out well.

We cut the bananas, added a little honey, sugar and cinnamon and slap them on the grill. Two minutes cute side down, five minutes other side. Pair with vanilla ice cream – we had mango sorbet and it was still great together.

I would have to say it was an all around good night.


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  1. Yay! Grilled bananas! 🙂

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