Paint my Face

I recently decided it was time to change my make up routine. Well, maybe not the routine itself, but the products I’m using. I have been researching different brands I might want to try over the past few months. I decided to start with a new bronzer/blush/highlighter. Sometimes they all come together, sometimes they don’t. But, with my amazing talent of picking out the most expensive thing (I don’t try to, it just happens that way – what can I say, it’s a gift) I end up second guessing if high end products are worth the price (aka name) versus drugstore items.

At first I was dead set on getting NARS Blush in Orgasm (oh-la-la!) at $27.

Then I decided I wanted to try MAC Mineralized Skinfinish (MSF) at $28.00.You can see more details and photos here.

Then I was wondering why the price kept going up and up and up. So I started researching. I googled, and read blogs, and youtubed to the depths of the earth (ok, thats a bit dramatic, but you get the point). I found eyesfacelips (elf) is high end quality at drugstore prices. Actually I think cheaper then drugstore prices. I recently got this bronzer/highlighter that was $3! I repeat $3! I was so amazed how much I like it. Of course I totally judged it and thought “it’s $3, how good can it be?” I am happily proven wrong.

I bought mine in Golden Bronzer. Athough they didn’t have the other options at the store I am happy with this one. It doesn’t give too much bronze or too much shimmer (aka highlighter). It’s layerable which is something I love. Benefit is another good one for layering. I call them “the boxes” but they have several types depending on what look you’re going for. Check them out here. I currently have Hoola, 10 and Dandelion. All equally amazing. And they last forever – a plus at $28 a box. I realize I’m rambling now. Just roll with it.

I’m wondering what is right under my nose at the drugstore that I should be testing out? I might have to try a few things and get back to you. If you have any suggestions of what you’ve tried, let me hear em’.


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