One for One

I’m not sure if you have a pair of TOMS Shoes, but you should. I have only one pair (going on 10) and I love them. They are super comfy and they have a great movement. One for One – with each pair purchased a pair is given to a child in need. Can that really get any better? They have grown so fast in the past few years and have so many styles to pick from now, both men’s and women’s.

Did I mention they are comfy? oh, and easy to wash. Seriously, go get a pair! You’re missing out. Here is a few of my favorites. I love the classics, can you tell?



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2 responses to “One for One

  1. I had no idea Tom’s had wedges!!! I’m going to get some! I don’t own any because I’m too short to wear flats all the time but if they make wedges then I’m game!!!
    Star Hughes Living

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