The Unknown, Untalked About, Bad Stuff

Recently I have been reading up about being more healthy and conscious about what goes into and onto my body. It varies from vitamins and minerals, to organic food (here), to what is in my body, facial and cosmetic products. It’s has become a challenge of balance (as everything is).

I started to look at the ingredients of my products and noticed all of these “parabens” and “sulfates” that I already knew were harmful, but sort of ignored it. I made a decision to stop ignoring it and to take control. I Googled and search and came upon this website where I can check my products individually. A LOT of my products were bad, and only just a few were acceptable. The EWG’s site lists helpful brands that are safe, as well as a detailed illustration of what and why the products are bad for you. I have noticed what most people believe to be good, aren’t, which is extremely surprising.

 I will be transitioning all my products to safer methods, but it can be overwhelming. My first thought it to throw everything away and start new, then I realized im not a millionaire and will need to slowly ween them into our home.I am first starting with the items I run out of.

I’ll let you know how it goes, and which brands I like and don’t like.

Tips: the word “natural” for packaging and marketing use is not regulated or have a maintained standard, however “organic” is regulated by the USDA. You can find more information here. Don’t be fooled by the packaging and marketing information.



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5 responses to “The Unknown, Untalked About, Bad Stuff

  1. This is so true. I’ve been meaning to do this for months – I’ve transitioned my vegetables and fruits, but that’s about it! Great post!
    Star Hughes Living

  2. I too have recently started to overhaul all my products use as well! I’m tackling my food and cosmetics right now. I just signed up for a CSA (Community supported agriculture) organic food box delivery, I can’t wait to get my first box! And I’m also making more organic choices at the grocery store, like with diary, bread and snacks. And I recently had to restock my bathroom with soap and shampoos, etc all that stuff and decided it was time to pony up the dough and opt for the natural alternative brands. Each little change I make really adds to how different I feel. I hope to one day be eating and using products that are all safe, natural and non toxic. I feel more…human! And happy, too 🙂

    • That’s amazing! I’m going to follow up with some brands I’m trying.. Stay tuned. Be sure to share a pic of your box when you get it! That’s exciting!

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