TOMS Eyewear has Arrived

TOMS has launched a new product line: Eyewear! If you don’t remember my love for TOMS you can read about it here.

I am so elated to see their innovative approach to helping people around the world be enhanced. Not only are they tackling every child’s shoes-less foot, they are also helping those with vision impairment – in which I can totally relate.

Their new line of eyewear is so trendy and for such a great cause. Check out this video of Blake Mycoski. I thought it was so moving.

You can check out the lookbook here. I think I like them all, but most of all the Classic 101. What’s your favorite?


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One response to “TOMS Eyewear has Arrived

  1. Wow, TOMS is sure an amazing company! I had no idea they were branching out into other things besides shoes! I’m so impressed!
    Star Hughes Living

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