Stella Needs Her Groove Back

I think everyone feels defeated at one time or another. I have been feeling that way as of late. Many reasons are not even in my control.

A little bird once told me that I should surrender. Surrender to whatever it is that is holding you back, keeping you from feeling fullfilled, happy, or whatever it is you are looking to feel. It’s not walk in the park, I’ll tell you that much.

She also told me to celebrate. Celebrate anything. Celebrate the beautiful day, a job well done, a great family and wonderful friends. This helps me remember the good in my life. And I have a lot of that.

So, I leave you with a little something to ponder.

The Gap is the place between what happens to you and your response to what happens to you.


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One response to “Stella Needs Her Groove Back

  1. Such a thoughtful post. And so true too. I need to remember to celebrate the good in my life more often. It’s hard not to get wrapped up in the little things!
    Star Hughes Living

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