Bargain Hunter

I love a bargain. I mean I LOOOOVE a bargain. I have been looking for a duvet/quilt/anything for our bed lately, and I haven’t had much luck. I have exhausted all options from having a friend make me something, to vintage, to forgetting about it all together. Then, there it was, in my email box this morning. West Elm having a sale on a duvet I picked out a month ago (but was too expensive). King size for $39.97. Did I see this right? Was I having a dream? No, it was real.

Just as I was purchasing this wonderful duvet, it let me know it was sold out. NO! Did someone really snag this right out from under me? So, the persistent woman that I am, I call the 800 number and track one down. One left, in Dallas, TX. YES! I called 3 times, left 2 messages and finally was able to speak to someone. They had one king size left, they honored the online sale price AND I had a gift card for $32.00. Seriously, how amazing is that?  Totally made my day. 🙂

I can’t wait to get it in the mail.



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3 responses to “Bargain Hunter

  1. So pretty!! Good for you for not giving up!!

  2. Lisa

    That’s awesome Melissa!!! And a very beautiful duvet 🙂

  3. Good for you girl!! I bet you’re glad you didn’t give up – that sounds like a pretty amazing deal! And so pretty too! I love that duvet print!

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