Today I received my July Birchbox. There was a product in there that hit me hard. I received Philosophy’s Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser. The cleanser wasn’t what hit me hard, but what it said on the bottle.

Isn’t this so true for many things? I think lately for me, (gulp) I am having an issue clearing my mind, cleansing my spirit of the worry, the what-if, and the nonsense that isn’t the “now”. You see, I’m a planner at heart. But sometimes, things can’t be planned, you have to trust yourself, and the universe that it will all work out, and if it doesn’t you will know what to do to make it better. Easier said then done, but as my husband said today, “when has anything ever been easy?”



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2 responses to “Purity

  1. Or as I always say, “How can I make this as easy as possible?”

  2. Great post! I can totally relate – I am such a planner at heart, you should see my calendar book! I’ve been trying to live in the moment more often and let go and just realize that life is always going to surprise me no matter how much planning I put into it! Thanks for sharing!

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