Swift Kick

Remember this post about Ariana from Simply Living. Well, here is a recent story of her swift kick in my butt that I most defiantly needed.

You know those days when you feel like stomping your feet and throwing a pity party for yourself? Well I have been in a sea of that for at least a few weeks and its no fun. Not to mention that, but the judging and everything that comes along with it, you know what I’m talkin’ about, yes, that hot mess that sucks so bad. Well, I decided to reach out to Ariana to seek some help since my tools where failing miserably. I’m going to just paste what she said to me because I don’t want to take anything away from it.

It was perfect, powerful and a totally what I needed. She always knows.

“Oh sweet Melissa,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but here is my response.  And caution because it is a bit spicy:

What is it like to be a victim of your circumstance?  How does it feel to allow the place where you live define who you can be in the world?  Where are you playing small and shying away from being happy because of what is going on outside of you?

What if you realized your true potential and recognized that you are where you are, exactly where you are, for a reason?  And that once you let go of the world being against you and step up to the challenge of playing Melissa full out, that all your dreams will come true (contentment, peace, and circumstances beyond your imagination)?  If Nelson Mandela can find peace and power in prison, then Melissa Campbell can surely find it in Charlotte.

Focus on the good.  Remember that you are a gift in this circumstance.  And if you can’t change a circumstance then release, surrender, and let go!

Big hugs sweet girl.

I haven’t ever met this woman in person, but I imagine she will be overwhelmed with my hugs when I do meet her.

Thanks Ariana, you’re the bomb-diggity.



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2 responses to “Swift Kick

  1. I’m glad this spoke to you. I think you are the bomb-diggity as well and hope to meet in person someday soon.


  2. Wow, such great words of advice. Thank you so much for sharing Melissa! It’s is so helpful.

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