Greetings Earthlings

I am back from the other world in which I was living: South Carolina. I wish I could say a lot has happened since I last posted in July but nothing really has. Here it is in a nutshell:

We moved to South Carolina.

We are moving back to Charlotte.

Riveting I know. And while we were in SC, a whole lot of nothing went down. Although we did get to go to Vail, CO courtesy of some awesome friends of ours. THAT was awesome, and we are thankful for that.

But other than that. Nothing. Sorry to disappoint.I am not really sure WHY I stopped blogging, but what matters is I’m back, and rambling as usual.

OH! This awesome dude was born:


No he isn’t mine. He’s Jens, that pretty lady in the photo there. He’s darn lucky to have her too! So that’s the newest edition to the circle o’ friends. He’s pretty fun, and apparently Jen thinks it’s funny to teach him to say no when asking if he likes me. I’ll let it slide only because he’s cute.

Anywho, thanks for stayin’ with. Hopefully I’ll stick around a little longer this time around. 🙂




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