I’m back? Actually im not 100% sure.

Whoa. Hey, remember me? Yah, I don’t either. Truth is, A LOT has changed since last blog sesh. And I’m not entirely sure I’m on board to blog again. But I’m just going with the flow, and also my Dad keeps asking me about it.  So, I figured I would throw it out there and see how it goes. 

Not much is new accept the most amazing thing happened to Loren and I:



Meet Liam Hudson. He’s awesome. And he’s ALLLL ours.  🙂  He was born June 6, 2013. He is 5 months now and working on his crawling skills. Currently it’s a lot of army crawling and air humping. but it’s cute. He’s cute. We are pretty obsessed. More to come on that.

I have no real plan for the direction of this blog but maybe I should use it as a creative outlet and ways to share what I have been up to with family and friends. Then again, I’m just wingin’ it here. 




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2 responses to “I’m back? Actually im not 100% sure.

  1. Yeah share Liam updates!!! and also tell us all what products you use, health routines, recipes, beauty routines or anything thats on your mind 🙂 I love all your advice!

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