you know what I love? this circulation of mama appreciation on the internet. Maybe I’m only noticing because now I am a mom. but really, I don’t think you REALLY “get” it until your in that position. which, you know, is totally fine. because it’s special and you can’t explain motherhood. you have to experience it. and it can come in a lot of different forms. whatever it may be to each person is special. and i really am enjoying these articles and moments to share with another mamas that may really need a reminder, or may really need to know they aren’t alone.

and in this mama space where there are a lot of times “taking a moment” doesn’t exist, it’s magic. those hard hard moments. because you look back and you’re like, “how the eff did i get through that?!” and you want to (and ought to!) pat yourself on the back and awkward self high five. i think the only ones who don’t credit our awesome mama-selves are,..well, ourselves. so take a second, a minute, or an hour and instead of thinking of someone else who you think is an amazing mama and celebrate yourself! because your awesome. and you are perfect just as you are. keep up the amazing work.



my boys…





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2 responses to “Circulating

  1. mom

    My beautiful children, the proud mama and papa and my grandbaby “Bug”

  2. Jenna McKnight

    I want to say THANKS! for all those mom posts!! I seem to need them a lot lately.

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