love/hate relationship: working out

I don’t know about you, but working out for me is a love/hate relationship. It’s a necessary evil.

Growing up i played soccer all the way into college, so i never experienced having to motivate myself to workout. It was always go to practice, play and be fit. done and done. Now, as an adult it makes me feel guilty if i don’t do it. and when i do,  i push really hard, because you know, that’s what ex-athletes do.  then im sore for 3 days and do nothing. familiar? super fail.

Recently i have found a very good balance. and im thankful. among the 893565098 blogs that i follow, i came across WorkoutLabs. It has helped me stay motivated by simply building a workout that im comfortable with and sticking to it. I don’t have to think, i just have to follow what i planned. When i feel bored with it or that i have moved on from it, i can go back and build something a little more challenging.  I love that you can tailor it to male or female and the options of having equipment, limited equipment or nothing at all. I also love that it has SO many options no matter your level.

Here are some samples of what I have built for myself: workout

I typically start with some high knees to warm up or the stair master, and i mix up the order i do the exercises in depending on my mood.

Maybe this will work for you if your struggling with motivation?


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