so, you know when your reading a blog and they post these adorable outfits and you look to see how much those pieces are and your like C’MON! because they are  8739487million dollars? yah, i hate that too. Let’s be real, with the disappearing middle class, most can’t afford a $600 leather jacket. SO, on that note lets talk swimsuits.

I have been on the hunt for a one piece. I have found some that are ridiculous and some within my budget. And when i say ridiculous, i don’t mean $300, i mean $100-$150. If it’s a over that i curse at it and make it go away. I’d rather spend it on FOOD.

This one is my fave and is on my buy list from Asos. Love the color and mesh cutouts. It seems flattering as well. At just over $50, it seems totally reasonable.


This one from Splendid is my second fave but at $100 bucks it’s pushin’ it, maybe i’ll catch it on sale?! I remain optimistic.Image

and this one at the top of my imaginary budget is adorable (sans waist frill). It’s $130


so, there you have it, my faves. i also like this, this, and this. although that last one is a little Beetlejuice-esk.

are you ready for summer?! I can’t wait to take Liam in the pool!



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2 responses to “Swimsuits

  1. Jenna

    Have you tried looking here..http://www.albionfit.com/swims
    They are expensive but if you put in eatingwhole15 you’ll get 15% off. I really like them because of the variety and the one pieces.

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